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Auspicious Date for Renovation in 2017, 2018

Auspicious Date for Renovation/Decoration in 2017

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    Just bought a new house and would like to decorate it? Or the house is old and you’d like to renovate it into a new look? Choosing an auspicious date for decorating or renovation is very important that could make the project go and finish smoothly. Hereunder are lucky decoration and renovation dates in each month of 2016 for you to choose based on the Chinese almanac calendar.

    1. Clash XX, means the people under the zodiac sign mentions should avoid renovation on the day. Don’t know you Chinese zodiac sign? Please check from Chinese Zodiac Page.
    2. You can click the Month link in the following table to get auspicious hours of the day by clicking the definite date in the calendar.

    Month Auspicious Renovation/Decoration Dates in 2017
    January 2nd (Clash Sheep), 3rd (Clash Sheep), 6th (Clash Pig), 9th (Clash Tiger), 15th (Clash Monkey)
    February 13th (Clash Ox), 15th (Clash Rabbit), 17th (Clash Snake), 24th (Clash Rat), 27th (Clash Rabbit)
    March 1st (Clash Snake), 7th (Clash Pig), 9th (Clash Ox), 15th (Clash Sheep), 16th (Clash Monkey), 22nd (Clash Tiger), 24th (Clash Dragon), 25th (Clash Snake), 27th (Clash Sheep), 28th (Clash Monkey)
    April 2nd (Clash Ox), 7th (Clash Horse), 9th (Clash Monkey), 10th (Clash Rooster)
    May 1st (Clash Horse), 9th (Clash Tiger), 10th (Clash Rabbit), 11th (Clash Dragon), 19th (Clash Rat), 26th (Clash Sheep), 28th (Clash Rooster)
    June 4th (Clash Dragon), 7th (Clash Sheep), 8th (Clash Monkey), 10th (Clash Dog), 11th (Clash Pig), 13th (Clash Ox), 14th (Clash Tiger), 17th (Clash Snake), 20th (Clash Monkey), 23rd (Clash Pig), 25th (Clash Ox), 26th (Clash Tiger), 28th (Clash Dragon)
    July 2nd (Clash Monkey), 8th (Clash Tiger), 19th (Clash Ox), 27th (Clash Rooster)
    August 9th (Clash Dog), 10th (Clash Pig), 12th (Clash Ox), 14th (Clash Rabbit), 17th (Clash Horse), 21st (Clash Dog), 23rd (Clash Rat), 29th (Clash Horse)
    September 3rd (Clash Pig), 8th (Clash Dragon), 9th (Clash Snake), 11th (Clash Sheep), 12th (Clash Monkey), 14th (Clash Dog), 18th (Clash Tiger), 20th (Clash Dragon), 23rd (Clash Sheep), 26th (Clash Dog), 27th (Clash Pig), 30th (Clash Tiger)
    October 2nd (Clash Dragon), 5th (Clash Sheep), 10th (Clash Rat), 14th (Clash Dragon), 15th (Clash Snake)
    November 2nd (Clash Pig), 3rd (Clash Rat), 9th (Clash Horse), 12th (Clash Rooster), 13th (Clash Dog), 16th (Clash Ox), 21st (Clash Horse), 23th (Clash Monkey), 24th (Clash Rooster)
    December 3rd (Clash Horse), 5th (Clash Monkey), 6th (Clash Rooster), 7th (Clash Dog), 13th (Clash Dragon), 14th (Clash Snake), 16th (Clash Sheep), 17th (Clash Monkey), 19th (Clash Dog), 20th (Clash Pig), 23rd (Clash Tiger), 25th (Clash Dragon), 26th (Clash Snake), 28th (Clash Sheep), 29th (Clash Monkey), 31st (Clash Dog)

    For more auspicious dates in 2017 for other events, please check: 2017 Calendar

    Auspicious Date for Renovation/Decoration in 2018


    Auspicious Renovation/Decoration Dates in 2018

    January 1st (Clash Pig), 4th (Clash Tiger), 10th (Clash Monkey)
    February 3rd (Clash Monkey), 8th (Clash Ox), 10th (Clash Rabbit), 12th (Clash Snake), 19th (Clash Rat), 22nd (Clash Rabbit), 24th (Clash Snake)
    March 3rd (Clash Rat), 10th (Clash Sheep), 11th (Clash Monkey), 17th (Clash Tiger), 19th (Clash Dragon), 20th (Clash Snake), 22nd (Clash Sheep), 23rd (Clash Monkey), 28th (Clash Ox)
    April 3rd (Clash Sheep), 4th (Clash Monkey), 5th (Clash Rooster), 26th (Clash Horse)
    May 5th (Clash Rabbit), 6th (Clash Dragon), 14th (Clash Rat), 21st (Clash Sheep), 23rd (Clash Rooster), 30th (Clash Dragon)
    June 6th (Clash Pig), 8th (Clash Ox), 9th (Clash Tiger), 12th (Clash Snake), 15th (Clash Monkey), 18th (Clash Pig), 20th (Clash Ox), 21st (Clash Tiger), 23th (Clash Dragon), 27th (Clash Monkey)
    July 6th (Clash Snake), 14th (Clash Ox), 22nd (Clash Rooster)
    August 7th (Clash Ox), 9th (Clash Rabbit), 12th (Clash Horse), 16th (Clash Dog), 18th (Clash Rat), 24th (Clash Horse), 29th (Clash Pig)
    September 2nd (Clash Rabbit), 3rd (Clash Dragon), 9th (Clash Dog), 13th (Clash Tiger), 15th (Clash Dragon), 18th (Clash Sheep), 21st (Clash Dog), 22nd (Clash Pig), 25th (Clash Tiger), 27th (Clash Dragon), 30th (Clash Sheep)
    October 9th (Clash Dragon), 10th (Clash Snake), 28th (Clash Pig), 29th (Clash Rat)
    November 7th (Clash Rooster), 8th (Clash Dog), 11th (Clash Ox), 16th (Clash Horse), 18th (Clash Monkey), 19th (Clash Rooster), 28th (Clash Horse), 30th (Clash Monkey)
    December 1st (Clash Rooster), 4th (Clash Rat), 8th (Clash Dragon), 9th (Clash Snake), 11th (Clash Sheep), 12th (Clash Monkey), 14th (Clash Dog), 15th (Clash Pig), 18th (Clash Tiger), 20th (Clash Dragon), 21st (Clash Snake), 23rd (Clash Sheep), 24th (Clash Monkey), 26th (Clash Dog), 27th (Clash Pig), 30th (Clash Tiger)

    For more auspicious dates in 2018 for other events, please check: 2018 Calendar
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