Which profession is better?


My sis DOB 26.3.1980 TOB 6:10PM (approx)PST
Which profession is better fr her?she's law graduate n also did masters in Eco.should she continue her law practice or try to another job?how much she 'll get success as lawyer? Kindly reply I'll be highly obliged.

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N how 'll be her future plz also throw some light on it as well.
describe her personality as well.plz give ans all three qs.
Profound Regards
Please give reply of above qs🙏
She is quite softhearted and kind and often shed tears. She is a good partner to get along with in work. Be she should beware of breakup. She will enjoy good luck in middle age, be able to achieve success one way or another and can enjoy high position and great wealth.

She is stuitable to continue her law practice and could get success as a lawyer.

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