When will i get married at what age?


My date of birth is 27-10-1994.
And birth time is 09:20 am.
I want to know my maariage age..

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Hi Deepika goyal,

You may have arranged marriage. So may get married at the age of 25, 28 or 29.

BTW, your health condition is not so good. There are many earth and fire element but lack water and metal elements. So, you are easy to feel tired and may have problem in stomach or blood pressure.

U said i may get married at 25 28 or 29.
But my marriage propsal r coming these days.
And i dont want marry yet.
I want to ask is there any chance for my marriage happeing now.
My dob is 27-10-1994
Birth time 09:20 am.
Hi Deepika goyal,

The prediction is just for your reference. You may also get married in other years. 2018 is your zodiac year, to get married in the year is good for you to eliminate the bad effect of clashing with Tai Sui.
Tell any solution not to get married yet..
I wanna study nw.dont want to married.
Dob 27-10-1994
Time 09:20 am

Hi Deepika goyal,

Have you talked your thought with your parents? If they don't agree and you have to listen to their words, you have no other choice. This is may be your fate.

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