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Hi,my birth date is 18th April 1984. I have one baby girl. I want a baby boy. When can i conceive this year as per Chinese Calendar. Please guide me.

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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I checked it for you and found there is no good dates for you to conceive a baby boy in the rest three months of 2015.

If you believe the Chinese baby gender calendar, you'd better plan to conceive the next year. You can find the dates suitable for you in 2016 at this page:
I was born in 1 September 1983
I have two girls want to have one boy
Which month is a good month to conceive it
Thank you
Hi Samy,

In 2015, Chinese lunar month of August is a good month to you to conceive a baby boy. In Gregorian calendar, it starts from September 13 to October 12.

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