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So I am going to leave another, not as detailed dream today. But I never got a response for my "Fire and Friends" dream, and I noticed posts are rarely unanswered. If U don't answer I will take it personally and think I am being ignored on purpose for some reason.
Anyway, I dreamed of getting a box of grey boxes. I do get a lot of packages because I order supplies for jewelry-making. But I got a large, not really heavy brown box, with a bunch of grey packages inside of it. Probably about 9 of them. And they weren't shoe boxes. I opened them on my patio--but I never found out what was in them. I was excited about getting them though. But I am not sure if I expected them.

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Hi Ms. Akasha,

The boxes in dream usually are the sympol of your inner heart or closed mind.

If these packages are empty ones, it means your plans will come to naught or you will feel disapointed.

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