Want to conceive a baby boy

Asked by S***u | 6/27/2016 3:26:49 PM

Hi there,

I already have a baby girl aged 6 yrs. I want a baby boy now. My date of birth is 10/12/1984. Please help me n let me to know the month from when I can start planning for a baby boy...


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R***e 6/28/2016 8:03:50 AM

Hi Sonu,

The Chinese lunar months of August and December are best months for you to conceive a baby boy based on Chinese baby gender clendar. In Gregorian calendar, it's from Sep. 1 to Sep. 30, 2016 and Dec. 29, 2016 to Jan. 27, 2017.

S***u 6/28/2016 9:12:59 AM

Thanks Rose,

Which calendar I need to follow... Chinese or gregorian? I m confused.

R***e 6/28/2016 12:31:40 PM

As it's based on Chinese baby gender calendar, you should follow the Chinese lunar date. As it's difficult for you to understand. I have changed the Chinese lunar dates into Gregorian ones for you to check easily. So, Sep. 1 to Sep. 30, 2016 and Dec. 29, 2016 to Jan. 27, 2017 in Gregorian calendar are the dates you should follow.

S***u 7/14/2016 4:10:56 AM

Thank u Rose,

So I can try in the month of sept 2016 and Jan 2017?

Also let me know when I can try for a baby boy in the year 2017?

Also if u can suggest me any other tips to follow... I have pressure from my inlaws for a baby boy.

S***u 5/10/2017 12:34:25 PM

Hi rose,

Please let me know when can I plan for a baby boy for 2017?

I am in stress. Pls reply...

R***e 5/11/2017 1:51:06 AM

Hi Sonu,

When was your last menstrual period? There is few dates for you to conceive baby boy in the rest of 2017.

S***u 5/11/2017 5:45:58 AM

Hi Rose,

Thanks for your quick reply.

My period usually comes every month 21st or 22nd. But last month I had little spotting on 21st and 22nd April and then other days nothing. I had really bad abdominal pain on 27th April and got my periods.

We have started planning. Pls help me to conceive boy baby...

R***e 5/11/2017 2:15:29 PM

If you want to follow the Chinese Gender Calendar, there is no good time for you to conceive baby boy in the rest of 2017 if 21st April is not your last period first date. If it is, you can try on your ovulation date in May for baby boy.

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