Want to Conceive a baby boy


My birth date is 10 september 1988
I want a baby boy
Which month is best for me to conceive a baby boy plz help

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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Hi homa irfan,

Chinese Gender Chart shows in 2019 you will get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following periods:
Jan 6 - Feb 04 (31 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)
Feb 5 - Mar 06 (32 lunar years old, 1st lunar month)
Apr 5 - May 04 (32 lunar years old, 3rd lunar month)
Dec 26 - Dec 31 (32 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)

There is no good time for you to conceive baby boy in 2018.
Thank you
Its really works??
It's an ancient way for Chinese people to select baby gender. But it couldn't guarantee it works for everyone. Most of the people find it works. As it could help you increase the chance, why not try?

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