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My DOB is 29/01/1990, and my last period was 22/03/16. When is the best time to conceive a baby girl who will be born in monkey year?

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I have a boy two years old now. I also wish to have a baby girl born in this Monkey year as my friends told me the Rooster is not a good sign.
Hi ML,

If you want your baby born in the Monkey year, you should get pregnant before April.

The Chinese baby gender calenar shows if your first day of last period happens during these periods, you have more chances to get baby girl:
Feb 8 - Mar 08 (the 1st Chinese lunar month)
Apr 7 - May 06 (the 3rd Chinese lunar month)

You have missed the chance in February. So, you need to wait to try on your next ovulation period happends in May. But the baby may not be born in the monkey year. It's only a reference. The calenar is not right to everyone. If you really want the baby born in Monkey year (February 8, 2016 - January 27, 2017), you'd better try during your ovulation periods in April.
I want a baby girl.My date of birth is 9/8/1991,an my last period was 2/18/2016.When is the best time to conceive a baby girl who will be born in monkey year.
Hi Takashia Hall,

Best conceiving time for you to get baby girl is March 9 - April 6, 2016. So, your period this time should be during the time.

If your last period was 2/18/2016, you may get pregnant if your lady doen't come now. Then, you may get a baby boy based on the Chinese baby gender prediction chart.

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