Re a marriage line that ends has two forks going downwards, the longer one goes down and then has an X but then rises towards my ring finger making another X. The marriage line also has a K and kind of triangle that cuts the x. Please could you tell me what this means.

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In marriage, you may break up for some period of time with your partner and then re-union after separation.The separation may because you work or live in different places. 
Other signs imply that you are helpful, very popular among the opposite sex and interested in public welfare activities; you may easily get wealth due to the help of the opposite sex and have good luck in windfalls. Also, you may get good luck in wealth or get property from marriage or love.
Dear Kendy

Thank you so much. I am very grateful, I love my partner very much and do not want us ever to part but maybe we will find a way to stay together even if we have to work somewhere different.

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