It is hard for me to tell what's going on with my fate line..


I don't know much about palmistry but the area of the fate line looks unusual. It seems like it is forked at the beginning, ending at the head line. What would this mean? The fork begins from the life line and the mount of moon.

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Hi Cynthia,

The fate line ending at the head line shows the cease of work by your own decision. You are endowed with a good talent. But around the age of 35, you are likely to stop your work by your false judgment or decision. After the age, you are hard to have breakthrough in career.

The fork at the beginning of the fate line indicates you are often get ill in your infancy and there are setbacks in your study. During your youth time, it's hard for you to stand out among others.
I'm rarely ever sick, always been healthy, but I may be mistaking the fate line for some other line because I have many lines on my hands. I have also always stood out lol. I probably just don't know how to identify the fate line :(
The fate line is a vertical line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. The starting point can be anywhere from the base of the palm (most of the people find it begins from the middle part).

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