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I am choosing a good date to install auto gate. First need to tear down old gate , build new side pillar which i plan on 3Sept 2016, then install new auto gate on 8Aug2016?

Is it good to teardown and build pillar on 3sept 2016 and install gate on 8Sept 2016?
It is a double 8 ( 8th day of lunar 8th month) . Is both date ok.

Look forward to your advice , Thank you
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Dear Rose
On 3 Sept2016 apart from tear down old gate , also need to break old side wall to enlarge the opening. Is that day ok fir such activity?

In next 4 days is place wire cable and build new side wall and new gate support pillar .

Then by 8 Sept2016, ready to install new gate.
Is 8Sept 2016 ok to install new gate? Becos Chinese believe if 8:8 .

Is 17Sept2016 better day to install new gate, as i saw auspicious to install door?

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Look forward to your kind advice, thank you!
Dear Chinirmy,

It's good to tear down the old gate and break old side wall to enlarge the opening on 3 Sept 2016. During the next four days, you could place wire cable and build new side wall and new gate support pillar.

As for the date to install the new gate, you could choose 8 Sept 2016 and also 11 Sept or 17 Sept 2016 which are the two days auspicious to install door.
Dear Ling Ling
Thank you very much .
Is 8 sept 2016 ok to install new gate because it was not listed as a good day to install door in your calender.

The installation is rather important occasion for my family hence we want to confirm .
Thank you
Hi Chin,

8 Sept 2016 is just Ok to do so but not better than 11 Sept and 17 Sept 2016. If you could wait better choose the an auspicious day.
Dear Rose
Big Thank you!!
Yes can wait til 17 sept and saturday is more convenient also
Appreciate your advice
Ah sorry
Thanks Ling Ling
Appreciate your fast and great input!

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