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My wife date of birth(india)is twentytwo,july,1991 i want a baby boy.pls suggest me how can i get boy

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To have a boy or a girl? It's usually decided by many factors.

Based on your wife's birthday and Chinese baby gender calendar, it's more easy to have a boy if she conceives during the following period in 2015:
April 27 - May 17, July 16 - August 13, September 1-December 31

Besides, you are suggested to eat more alkalescent food and your wife acidic ones.

May your wish come true !
Sir,you suggested me to eat alkalescent food and my wife acidic ones, so pls tell me these food examples, which period,time,month we eat these food.
Aalkalescent food includes fruits, vegetables, milk and soybean products. For example: banana, grape, apple, orange, watermelon, strawberry, beancurd, potato, onion, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, spinach,kelp, milk...

Acidic food includes fish, meat, egg, rice, flour, sugar, oil. For example: chicken, beef, pork, bread, yolk, beer, ham, bacon, cream, sea eel, flatfish, shallot, sea sedge, chocolate...

You'd better stick to eat the suggested food half a year before you want a baby.

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