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Asked by S***o | 4/26/2015 4:48:30 PM

My wife date of birth(india)is twentytwo,july,1991 i want a baby boy.pls suggest me how can i get boy

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A***r 4/27/2015 12:30:34 AM

To have a boy or a girl? It's usually decided by many factors.

Based on your wife's birthday and Chinese baby gender calendar, it's more easy to have a boy if she conceives during the following period in 2015:
April 27 - May 17, July 16 - August 13, September 1-December 31

Besides, you are suggested to eat more alkalescent food and your wife acidic ones.

May your wish come true !

s***o 4/27/2015 7:30:00 AM

Sir,you suggested me to eat alkalescent food and my wife acidic ones, so pls tell me these food examples, which period,time,month we eat these food.

A***r 4/28/2015 2:04:41 AM

Aalkalescent food includes fruits, vegetables, milk and soybean products. For example: banana, grape, apple, orange, watermelon, strawberry, beancurd, potato, onion, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, spinach,kelp, milk...

Acidic food includes fish, meat, egg, rice, flour, sugar, oil. For example: chicken, beef, pork, bread, yolk, beer, ham, bacon, cream, sea eel, flatfish, shallot, sea sedge, chocolate...

You'd better stick to eat the suggested food half a year before you want a baby.

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