how to conceive boy


I m 29
My dob is 20-06-1986
And my last period was on 6-7-15
I want to know when should I try for boy
I don't understand how to see lunar calendar

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Hi Nisha,

We have Chinese baby gender selection page for you to find out best dates to conceive your preferred baby gender. You can find it easily at:

I checked it for you and found that according to Chinese baby gender chart, best dates for you to conceive a baby boy is from December 11th to the end of 2015. And in 2016 best time include February 8th to March 8th, April 7th to May 6th, December 29th to 31st.

You'd better conceive during your ovulation period. As I'm not sure if your periods is regular, how long your menstrual cycle is and how often is it. I couldn't tell the exact suitable dates for you. You can find your ovulation date by yourself and conceive during my suggest periods.
My last period was 7 July 2015
my dob is 25 sept 1985
I am very confused i saw two type of birth chart and I didn't understand it
I already had a lovely girl but now this time I want a boy
please help me to find out the date or a month when should I try for the boy
Thank you
Hi rinky,

For baby gender, we have two functions. One is to predict unborn baby's gender for those who have got pregnant. Another is to find out best time to conceive for your preferred baby gender.

You can simply select your DOB, the year you want to conceive and your preferred gender to find out good dates to get pregnant for preferred gender at:

According to Chinese baby gender chart, there is no good time in the rest months of 2015. In 2016, good dates are: February 8th - March 8th, April 7th - May 6th

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