how to conceive baby boy


My birth day is 26JULY 1984.when is the BEST time to have baby boy...b.s. I already have 2 girls..ple help...

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Hi gopi,

The best conception time for you to get a baby boy should be the date in one of the following time:
May 7, 2016 - June 4, 2016
September 1, 2016 - September 30, 2016
December 29, 2016 - February 25, 2017
March 28, 2017 - April 25, 2017
December 18, 2017 - December 31, 2017

If you find your menstruation occurs during one of the above time, you are suggested to try on your ovulation date to increase the chance. Here are also other ways you can take a look at:
Thank u so period was on 25 when is my ovulation date..
I'm not sure your Menstrual Cycle Length. You could check it yourself from this page:

The sixth day in Ovulatory Period is your ovulation date.

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