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I am having two fate lines one is joining to my life line and other one is dark going upwards till my head line after that it stops so what that mean can I get a suitable ans plz

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In general, two fate lines indicates your career during your life will be very smooth. No matter you work for a company of operate your own business, you could get great success and achievement in addition with other's help.

One of your fate line that stopped at the head line shows the cease of work by your own decision. You are endowed with a good talent., but around the age of 35, you are likely to stop your work by your false judgment or decision.
Hey, i have a dual line too , but only it starts from head line and ends at heart line.

There is a normal fate line going till upward but a small parallel line is present from head line to heart line.
Please tel what does that mean ?
I am AK as I said I am having dual fate line as it stops at head line.i forgot to mention that a light fate line is up to the heart line
What does that mean..
Can I mail u my palm pic...plz
I have deep fate line which is starts from the bottom of my palm to the jupiter postion but when it cross heart line it looks dual/fork line one is going to saturn and there it touch a short parallel line in saturn position.
And also in bottom the fate line is coming from bottom of venus and another line is from moon and also a line upwardly touches life line.
What says by this line?
(I ask so many palmist and also search in net but don't find that type of line.)
i have good fate line starting from mount of moon and ending on Saturn in a fork (two prongs equal). having good sun line on mount of sun.

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