concive for boy baby


Date of birth 18th april 1981, period date 2 june ,sugest specific date Concive for boy baby.

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Hi san,

Your last period first date should be among one of the following date for getting a baby boy:
June 5 - June 30
July 1 - July 3
October 1 - October 31
November 1 - November 30
December 1 - December 31

So, you'd better wait your next period and see if it occurs before June 30. If yes, you could plan to do on your ovulation date after that.

Hi I am divya. I glad to know that you choose Chinese astrology for boy baby. With this also you have to know reason, why you have a girl baby? Why don't you get boy baby.? Using your complete data I can explain you the reasons. Also guide you throughout. For that you send me a complete history of your family about 1)height difference 2)weight difference 3)age, body color, qualifications, nature, your attitude, your expectations, all these things effects on your concievness for baby. I will guide you 1)useful God 2)right medicine from your family doctor 3)right days from Chinese astrology 4) yoga, pranayam, exercise, 5)acupressure and many more. All this at no any cost, no transfer of single money. It's only for needed people. All this program will give you challenging 100 percent guarantee, thanking you

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