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I want to conceive in august as my period already over and 11th is the day please tell me when can i start for boy

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Please tell me your DOB
My date of birth is 20.09.76
Aug. 1- Sep. 12
Oct. 13 - Nov. 11
Dec. 11 - Dec. 31

The above are all good time period for you to conceive a baby boy in 2015 according to Chinese bay gender chart. You can calculate your ovulation date during the above time period and try on the day.
Thank uou so much for answering but still i have some doubts in my mind ghat the wjole month like 1st august till septembef cant be possibld yo have boychild. Actually i have heard that there's is specific date to concrive snd also the dven odd dates
What you said may other ways to calculate the conceiving dates.

What I offered to you is based on the traditional Chinese baby gender prediction chart. As it has a high accuracy (about 75%), most people like to use it to check when to conceive for their preferred baby gender.

I couldn't guarantee the dates are correct, but if you try on the ovulation date during my suggested period, it may increase the chance to get a baby boy.
My don is 16/07/1981 lmp29/06/15 can you tell me what sex my baby will be?
Hello Goldie,

You may get a girl bases on Chinese baby gender chart.

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