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My date of birth is 28 January last period first date is 2 April, due date is 6 the January,2017.. please tell me my baby's gender

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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Here I noticed that conceive date is last menstrual first it right?? please answer me
Hi Mousumi sil,

Yes, Chinese baby gender prediction chart use the last mentrual first date as the conception date.

Your lunar conception month: February
Lunar age at the time of conception: 23
Prediction of Baby Gender: Boy

You may also get a baby girl because the prediction is not right to everyone.
Thank you so much rose...I am so oooo happy
Rose I have one question...why are you saying it is not correct to everyone???
Hi Mousumi,

The Chinese baby gender prediction chart is only an traditional way for people to predict baby's gender. It was handed down from the palace of Chinese Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD). Although it’s created based on the traditional Chinese theories of Zhouyi (I Ching), Yin Yang (positive and negative principle in nature), Five Element, Ba Gua (eight trigrams), etc. It's not scientific. So, it will not be right for everyone using it. But it's proved to have a high accuracy to most of the people who have used it.
Good evening, please when using this chart, to predict your baby sex, do I have to start with the month that started with B and end in the month with B for me to get the chance for a baby boy. OR I should just concentrate on the month of conception. Thank you .
Your baby's gender is decided by your lunar conception month and also your lunar age at the time of conception. It's complicated to calculate. You could tell me your date of birth and preferred baby gender, I'll tell you when could you conceive for baby with preferred gender.

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