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Hi Rose, I noticed that in thins website only if its replied by Monica or Susan.. they say "if you conceive in below date range" but they are not saying the first date of last period should be in the date range. Why is this difference of logic within your site itself? Please explain.. did I understand anythg wrong?

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Hi Shilpa,

Monica and Susan are volunteers of this website.

Chinese Baby Gender Chart uses the first day of last period as the conception date. So, when they say you should conceive in the date range below, it means your first day of last period should be in the range. They may think people know this, so they don't mention it again.
I am 5months pregnent for a second baby I feel very heavy at my lower billy which baby I can have this time
Hi Nandini,

You may get a baby boy if you feel heavy at your lower billy.

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