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Asked by R***n | 6/23/2018 8:57:12 PM

My wife DOB is 27-May-1991 and we want baby boy in our family so please let us know the date and month to conceive baby boy.

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R***n 6/23/2018 9:24:21 PM

I am asking in 2018

S***n 6/23/2018 9:39:55 PM

Hi Raja Palaniappan,

According to the Chinese Gender Chart, in rest of 2018 you will get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following periods:

Aug 11 - Sep 09 (28 lunar years old, 7th lunar month)
Sep 10 - Oct 08 (28 lunar years old, 8th lunar month)
Oct 9 - Nov 07 (28 lunar years old, 9th lunar month)
Nov 8 - Dec 06 (28 lunar years old, 10th lunar month)

R***n 6/23/2018 10:17:52 PM

Thank you. I am confused with the lot of Chinese calendar in google.

I see there is difference in two or many charts. I referred below two link. But, The prediction differs. Which one Should I refer?.I got confused.

I am not sure which one I need to follow. I am unable to paste the link here. That is the reason I asked.

I want to get baby boy in 2018. Please guide me on this.

R***n 6/23/2018 10:21:07 PM

Search google as momjunction chinese-gender-predictor-chart
And, click on first link.

This is the different web site I referred. There are lots of it.

R***n 6/23/2018 10:21:48 PM

Please clarify my question. Thanks a lot for your answer.

S***n 6/24/2018 9:04:03 PM

There is only one Chinese Gender Chart. What I provided to you is the right one. Unfortunately, due to copying mistakes, different versions of Chinese Gender Chart are found. Another reason for different versions is due to the fact that some put the mother ages as table column, while some put them as the rows.

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