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My DOB is 16 Apr 1982 as per Gregorian. I have 1 adorable daughter and want to conceive baby boy. Pls let me kmow the dates in Gregorian calendar to conceive a boy baby.

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Hi Nithya,

According to the Chinese Gender Chart, in 2019 you will get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following periods:
Jan 6 - Feb 04 (37 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)
Mar 7 - Apr 04 (38 lunar years old, 2nd lunar month)
May 5 - Jun 02 (38 lunar years old, 4th lunar month)
Jun 3 - Jul 02 (38 lunar years old, 5th lunar month)
Aug 1 - Aug 29 (38 lunar years old, 7th lunar month)
Sep 29 - Oct 27 (38 lunar years old, 9th lunar month)
Nov 26 - Dec 25 (38 lunar years old, 11th lunar month)

The dates outside the brackets are based on the Gregorian Calendar.
Thank you very much Susan. Should the first date of menstrual cycle fall in between these dates. Or is it during d dates of ovulation..
The first date of menstrual cycle should fall in between the suggested dates.
Thank you Susan

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