Asked by R***e | 11/23/2016 4:23:05 AM

My birth date 10/02/1996..... please help me with my marriage details..... my zosiac sign is libra....

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K***e 11/23/2016 1:12:50 PM

Are you single or get married now?

R***e 11/24/2016 5:25:02 AM

Single..... if I get married how will my future be.... and love marriage or arranged marriage? I am in love with a person... will I get married with him....

K***y 11/25/2016 2:59:51 AM

If you want to know your future marriage life, you'd better check your marriage line on your right palm to know.

If your marriage line is very long or the end of it bends downwards evern crosses with the heart line, you usually have a love marriage. If there is mole on your thumb or index finger, your marriage is usually arranged.

R***e 11/27/2016 10:04:45 AM

I have a mole on left hand but not at the centre and marriage line on right hand is slightly bent downwards and also has a line below it not much closer to the first line....

K***y 11/27/2016 11:51:01 AM

So, you have more chances to have love marriage.

R***e 12/1/2016 9:47:41 AM

A parallel marriage line...... one line with four cuts at the end..... one cut towards heart line... another one touching little finger and other two ends like y..... and what will be the fate of marraige in such case

K***y 12/2/2016 3:54:43 AM

It indicates tortuous marriage. There may marriage crises and separation happened in your future marriage. As palm lines change with time, it only shows the present situation, it may change to be better as you grow older.

R***e 12/4/2016 2:30:37 PM

In such case... will love marriage get succeeds

R***e 12/9/2016 2:20:29 PM

left hand with a mole and at the centre of the palm and parallel line as indicated above and right palm with a line bent downwards. Now what is the fate of marriage

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