I want baby boy in 2021 & 2022


My DOB is November 7 1990 I want
Second baby as a baby Boy please suggest me best dates for Boy,
Already I have 2yrs baby girl
Thank You

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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According to the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart, there is no good time for you to conceive baby boy in rest time of 2021. If you are conceived in one of the following time periods in 2022, you will get a baby boy:

Jan 03 - Jan 31 (32 lunar years old, the 12th lunar month)
Mar 03 - Mar 31 (33 lunar years old, the 2nd lunar month)
May 01 - May 29 (33 lunar years old, the 4th lunar month)
Aug 27 - Sep 25 (33 lunar years old, the 8th lunar month)
Dec 23 - Dec 31 (33 lunar years old, the 12th lunar month)

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