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My birthday date 21 October 1985, my last period date is 11 November 2016 please guide me having a baby boy..which date is best for me have a baby boy

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Hi Reshma,

According to Chinese Baby Chart, if you are conceived (your last menstrual period first date occurs) during one of the following periods, you have more chances to get pregnant with baby boy:
December 29, 2016 - January 27, 2017
February 26, 2017 - March 27, 2017
April 26, 2017 - May 25, 2017
September 20, 2017 - October 19, 2017
Thanks mam.. now
Which date is better for sex having baby boy please
Hi Reshma,

You'd better wait your next period which occurs during December 29, 2016 - January 27, 2017 and find out your ovulation date after that. Try on that ovulation date would increase the chance of getting baby boy.
How can I find ovulation date
You can fin your ovulation date by using the Ovulation Date Calculator if your period is regular:

If your period is not regular, you'd better buy ovulation test paper or other ovulation prediction kits to test.
My ovulation period is 20 to 29 in Ur link https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/calendar/ovulation-calculator.htm
In between this day can I sex and confirm I have a baby boy
And my periods are regular please guide.... today or tomorrow we can sex having baby boy if next I m
Your ovulation date occurs on Dec. 25. No one could make sure you could get baby boy by using this way. It could only increase the chance.
Now what can I do which date is better for me
Wait your menstural period during December 29, 2016 and January 27, 2017 and then try after it on your ovulation date.

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