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My Dob is 11/10/1980. Last peroid 1/9/16. So pls tel when i vl get baby boy. When should i conceive means b pregnant. Pls tel me how could i get baby boy. I hv 2 baby's.

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Hi Devanandvaiahnav,

If you last mentrual period occurs during Chinese lunar month of August, October or December, you have more chances to get pregnant with baby boy once conceived.

In Gregorian calendar,
the 8th lunar month stars from Sep 1 to Sep 30;
the 10th lunar month stars from Oct 31 to Nov 28;
the 12th lunar month stars from Dec 29 to Jan 27.

So, you are suggested to monitor your ovulation date and intercourse no more than 24 hours before ovulation and no more than 12 hours after that. Also, avoid intercourse at least 3 days before ovulation.

You could adjust your diet and choose the right time to conceive.

To, may experience, eat one banana each day is effective. Also, the husband should avoid smoking and drinking for baby boy. Drink a cup of coffee before you try will also be helpful.

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