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My fate line starts from mount of moon and atthe end there is a split:-
One ends up at Saturn mount almost touching the finger and the other ends up at the Jupiter. Both of them have a trident at end and the fate line gets wavy in between at the Saturn mount but it gets straight afterwards. Also there are 2 more branches:-
One goes to Mercury mount and the other one goes to the Sun mount.The Sun branch ends up with a perfect trident. What does it means?

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Hi Sam,

You have a very good fate line indicating you could get success because you have creative talent and very good interpersonal relationship. You usually have a strong ability to start and run your own business. And there will be faithful helpmate helping you a lot for your career. Around the age of 65, there will be something wrong with your career, but it will turn to be better again later. In all, you could have rich life.

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