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My DOB is Jan. 15, 1988
My periods are regular and last 4 days, I want to have a baby in 2016 when would be the best time to conceive for a baby boy.
I am a Capricorn and so is my husband. His DOB is Dec. 22, 1983

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In 2016, Mar. 9 to Apr. 6, and June 5 to Oct. 30 are good time to conceive a baby boy to you according to the baby gender calendar. But you should find out your ovulation periods and conceive during those periods.

Not sure your menstrual cycle, so couldn't calculate your ovulation date. In general, intercourse on your ovulation date or the next day would have more chances to get a baby boy. You can see when will be your ovulation date by yourself. It usually about 14 days before your next periods.
Sounds good... are there any months in 2015 that would be good to conceive a boy.


In 2015, From July 1st to November 11th is good for you to get a baby boy.

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