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Hi my wife is 6 month pregnant now and her last period was on 19 July 2015 . We have 4yrs old girl now we want a little boy.We also check the Chinese predictor chart that shows we will conceive baby boy. We used ovulation predictor kit to know her ovulation day and the result came positive on 03 Aug and 4 Aug. We had sex on 03 Aug at night we don't sex after that night.plz tell me what was the chances of having baby boy?plz reply.

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Please tell me your wife's date of birth.
My wife birth date is 9 may 1987
Hi Pravin,

The Chinese baby gender prediction chart is not scientifically based. However, it's proved to be right to most of the people.

Your wife's lunar conception month is June. Chinese lunar age at the time of conception is 29. The result shows you may get a baby boy. I think it will be right to you.
Hi thanks for the reply. Can I ask my doctor about conceive the baby boy.
Modern medical technology like type-B ultrasonic checks can reveal the fetus gender.Not sure if your country allow to do this. The result by this way will be 100% right. It's not allowed in China.
Hello Ma i'm Vivian my last blood was on 24 till 4 days i have 3 kids 2 girls and a boy and i am planning fro 1 more baby boy can you tell me how to plan for my next baby?my dob 08/09/1986,kindly reply me by email thanks.
Hi Tomlili,

Based on the Chinese baby gender chart, you have more chances to get a baby boy if conceive during the following two periods in 2016: January 1 - March 8 and April 7 - May 6.

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