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How to get baby boy in chinese calender my dob is 11.4.1991 plz give me answer

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Hi Divya,

In 2017 you have more chances to get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following periods:

Feb 26 - Mar 27 (the 2nd Chinese lunar month)
Apr 26 - May 25 (the 4th Chinese lunar month)
Aug 22 - Sep 19 (the 7th Chinese lunar month)
Sep 20 - Oct 19 (the 8th Chinese lunar month)
Oct 20 - Nov 17 (the 9th Chinese lunar month)
Nov 18 - Dec 17 (the 10th Chinese lunar month)

Here are more tips for you to get baby boy:
How we get a baby boy from Chinese calendar plz tell me my wife d/o is. 18-03-1984
Hi yogendra yadav,

If your last menstrual period occured at the end of September, you can try near your ovulation date in October. Besides, there is no good time in 2016 for you to get baby boy.

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